Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Confessions of the Blunt Housewife

  1. I wish people offered to babysit as a gift more often so I can be alone with my husband once in awhile. Even if it were just for a walk.
  2. I'm truly thankful when people don't touch my baby or don't visit because they're sick or their family has been dealing with sickness.
  3. I should nap when my baby naps, but I usually get caught up on work instead.
  4. I'm grumpy when I get up to nurse during the night – especially with my husband.
  5. I have to convince myself I care about being pretty for my husband daily.
  6. If I wasn't strict about my menu for the week, I would almost always prepare supper at the last minute – or just have leftovers.
  7. I eat pop-tarts. A lot of them.
  8. It doesn't bother me when people don't recognize the gender of my baby. Even when she's swathed in pink.
  9. I love it when people ask to hold my baby. I'm not tired of her, but I want to see others enjoy her. Unless they're sick, of course.
  10. I wish I had visitors more often. It was hard to travel with chronic illness. With an additional baby, it's impossible unless my husband is with me.
  11. I hate that I can't share parts of my baby's life with my mother – who has protested many of my parenting decisions.
  12. Sometimes I feel real anger when my baby interrupts me, then I feel guilty because I know she only cries when she needs me.
  13. I cried for an entire day when my baby was diagnosed with tongue-tie. I didn't feel remotely able to be strong for her.
  14. When my baby is cute while crying, sometimes I don't want to comfort her because I'm enjoying how adorable she looks.
  15. I don't read to my baby as often as I should.
  16. I don't do tummy time as often as I should.
  17. I have to stop myself from giving parental advice when it isn't asked for.
  18. I would make my baby's clothes myself if I knew how to use a sewing machine.
  19. I worry about my baby a lot less than my husband.

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