Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Exhaustive List of Date Ideas

Dressed up super fancy to eat at a local burger place

When it comes to date nights, my husband and me are not the best planners. For special occasions, we can plan really excellent days, but from week to week, our time together can seem a little uninspired. This is mostly because we aren't too good at coming up with ideas on the spot. I decided to put together an exhaustive list of things we can do. Some things I found ideas for elsewhere, many I came up with on my own. I will sort them by ones to do at home and ones that mean going out.

If you want cheap, free, interesting, kid-inspired, kid-friendly, intimate, flexible... it's all here :).

I am chronically ill, so a lot of things many active couples would do aren't on this list. Also note that some of the home dates require getting things beforehand.

Right now, there are 99 ideas; I may add more on as I think of them or they are suggested. Have fun!

Date: Going Out
  1. Have a letter date (everything we do/wear/eat starts with the same letter)
  2. Random word date (one of us picks a random word and we go through each letter, picking an activity that starts with that letter)
  3. Set a budget for Goodwill and find a "make it better" project
  4. Go to a concert
  5. Go to a tea shop
  6. Go to a drive-in movie
  7. $10 gift date night challenge
  8. Do the "Bookstore date"
  9. Set a budget and shop at (insert favourite store)
  10. Have a photo shoot
  11. Go garage sale-ing
  12. Mall scavenger hunt
  13. Food crawl (have each part of meal (drink, appetizer, main dish, dessert) at a different restaurant or fast food place)
  14. Go out for coffee
  15. Use only $5 in grocery store to buy complete dinner (main dish, side, dessert, drink)
  16. Go for a long walk
  17. Go to open houses with the baby
  18. Each take $5 at Dollar Tree and buy gifts for one another
  19. Have a DIY drive-in at the park (use laptop)
  20. Take $10 each (insert favourite store) and buy something for one another
  21. Leave surprise flowers outside someone's door
  22. Walk to bookstore and find a book to read to our baby
  23. Go to a $5 movie
  24. Go to JoAnn's and find fabric for dream curtains
  25. Buy outrageously expensive orange juice to try (we LOVE orange juice... you could pick something different)
  26. Go eye-bombing
  27. Thrift store outfit (each get $5-$10 to buy outfit for other person to wear for the rest of your date)
  28. Photo scavenger hunt
At a drive-in movie

Date at Home
  1. Put together a care package for someone random
  2. Make homemade butter (or something else you haven't tried)
  3. Make a "soundtrack of our marriage" CD (can include proposal, wedding, first night, first anniversary, children, etc,)
  4. Write out fun or interesting conversation cards for company
  5. Make our own "25 words or less" cards
  6. Write out a review of last year, as a keepsake
  7. Write down 15 words to describe one another
  8. Sharpie art night
  9. Babysit for someone
  10. Take child/children for a walk
  11. Put together a concert program with a theme
  12. Choose a well-known poem and use a "random word" online generator or dictionary to change words to make it funny
  13. Write a new story to go along with the pictures of a children's book
  14. Watch movie in bed 
  15. Get fancy chocolate to have with wine
  16. Make postcards to send to random people
  17. Take fun pictures of child/children
  18. Read book and/or poetry together
  19. Write a story together in mad lib
  20. Have a cookie cook-off and give the end results away
  21. Rent a movie
  22. Video record the story of how we met and got to know one another
  23. Write prayer list and pray together
  24. Set timer and write "10 things I love about you" for one another
  25. Have a photo shoot
  26. Play "two truths and a lie"
  27. Play timed strip scrabble (remove clothing item for each word under 15 points)
  28. Play a board game
  29. Draw each other's portraits w/non-dominant hand
  30. Do a craft project together
  31. Design our own canvas photo
  32. Play "2 minutes in Heaven"
  33. Play "get to know me"
  34. Make and decorate a cake to give someone
  35. Send a card of encouragement to someone who needs it
  36. Play "Chopped" - give one another 4 ingredients and 30 minutes to make a dish with only those ingredients. Alternately, put together a Masterchef-style mystery box with ten ingredients they must use at least some of to prepare a dish (you can decide whether or not to include staples alongside those).
  37. Put together a care box for Pastor's family ($50 limit)
  38. Do abstract canvas art together
  39. Draw fake tattoos on one another
  40. Get a "choose your own adventure" book and take turns choosing
  41. Use books to make a card house
  42. Listen to a modern sonata we've never heard (Like this one!)
  43. Make a CD for each other of songs we think the other has never heard
  44. Make croquet field in living room and push ball through only using our heads
  45. Try sex in a new position or place
  46. Make ice-cream
  47. Experiment and make our own popcorn with a unique flavour
  48. Pick possible names for next baby
  49. Make our own "guess who" with pictures of family and friends
  50. Make polka dot paintings with our noses
  51. Drink hot chocolate and watch TED talks
  52. Make bird-feeders out of Popsicle sticks
  53. Put together and frame a really difficult puzzle
  54. Play pictionary blindfolded
  55. Pot a new houseplant
  56. Make creative crepes
  57. Build a marble run or elaborate domino course
  58. Play "six degrees of Wikipedia"
  59. Write poem using first shorter sentence in randomly selected books.
  60. Make Gak!
  61. Make egg geodes
  62. Make dancing oobleck
  63. Make a jellyfish in a bottle
  64. Put together our own "Eye Spy" book
  65. Write limericks about friends and family members
  66. Play "dots and boxes"
  67. Play a card game (like Golf)
  68. Make up a matching game with cards or pictures (if you put together half of two decks, this could be more challenging)
  69. Each write  a scavenger hunt list of things we would be able to find in our home and see who can find the most things in 10 minutes (or see who can find everything first)
  70. Do hard maze puzzles
  71. Play with clay
At a botanical garden for our anniversary - me six months pregnant

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