Monday, March 21, 2016

Circumcision: Why I Say Nay

Circumcision is a hot topic among new moms, these days - at least in America. Although I do not have a son, if and when I do, he will not be circumcised. If I lived just about anywhere but the states, people would say: "Well, of course! There's no reason to." In America, however, there is outright hostility. Here are some of the reasons parents in the states still circumcise:

  • Their doctors/family/friends tell them to
  • They think it is cleaner
  • They believe it will be easier to care for
  • There is religious symbolism (Judaism/Islam/Etc)
  • The father is circumcised; they want the son to "look the same"
  • They don't want their son to get picked on for looking different
  • They don't know that circumcision is cultural habit
  • They think the child won't remember or feel pain if it's done as a baby
  • They are not aware of the medical consequences that may result
It's strange to me that during an age when people are so focused on remembering that every person has a right to make choices about his or her own body, they neglect to offer that same choice to their own children. The pregnant woman is told she can have the birth she wants, cancer patients are given the type of care they desire, but babies have no say about a cosmetic surgery which can be done later. Here are some reasons you should leave your son intact:

Here are some website to look at if you're trying to make this decision for your son and want more information. I've also linked a video which talks a little bit about circumcision facts and includes a video of a circumcision being performed, which I think is important for anyone to see who thinks it isn't a painful procedure:

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